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iOS Programming Recipe 27: Implementing Blocks Part II

Last time we left off in our block discussion I had gone over some of the basics of blocks. How to implement them, call them, and gave a bit of insight on why they are cool. Now, there is one really big benefit to using blocks and that is Grand Central Dispatch. There are of course many other neat things you can do with blocks and we’ll briefly cover a few of those too.


So What Is Grand Central Dispatch?

Today, I’ll use wikipedia as my crutch:

Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) is a technology developed by Apple Inc. to optimize application support for systems with multi-core processors and other symmetric multiprocessing systems.

Ok this doesn’t tell us a whole bunch, but what it does tell us is that it is a technology developed for multi-core processors. All you need to know is GCD is a set of tools that Apple has provided that allow us to perform blocks serially or concurrently on various queues (which map to either the main thread or another GCD managed thread). We also have the option of doing this either synchronously or asynchronously.

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iOS Programming Recipe 26: Using Collection Operators


  • You have strong knowledge of Objective-C and Core Foundation.
  • You have basic understanding of of KVC (Key Value Coding) within the Objective-C language

Many if not all developers use collection objects everyday while developing great apps, but few know about the power of collection operators. As part of KVC (key value coding), collection operators help make many routine tasks simple by eliminating and simplifying code.

Those of you still waiting on the blocks part II article, hang in there, I’ll get to it soon enough. For now I thought I would give ya’ll something short and sweet that is also really useful.

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