Here is a listing of resources that may help your development needs. While some of these links are affiliate links, All of these resources are recommended. We would not recommend anything we haven’t personally used and liked.


Cocoa Controls
Cocoa Controls lists custom controls and views for iOS and Mac OS X, helping you improve the quality of your Cocoa application with the least work possible.

Specify the libraries for your project in an easy to edit text file. Then use CocoaPods to resolve all dependencies, fetch the source, and set up your Xcode workspace.

n3a TestFlight
The freedom to build better apps! TestFlight is a free testing service for mobile developers, managers and testers.

n4a GitHub
GitHub is the best place to share code with friends, co-workers, classmates, and complete strangers. Over two million people use GitHub to build amazing things together.

n5a Opacity
Opacity is an easy to use program for drawing graphics for the screen. It’s great for making resolution independent images and icons for applications and the web.


iOS 7 Development Recipes
This is the book I just released. This book is geared a little more at the intermediate programmer. There are lots of good real world examples in here. The Maps, Location, and Table view sections are specially good. -Joe Hoffman

iOS 7 Programming Recipes
This bible sized book is one of our favorites, it has a recipe for almost anything you could want.

Objective-C: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide
A good starting point for any beginner, plus a great reference to have anyway.

iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide
For the Beginner, We have not found a better book. This book explains everything so well and thoroughly, without boring the crap out of you.


Ray Wenderlich
Ray’s site has been trusty for a long time, as such there is a ton of content over there ranging from all topics.

Think and Built It
This is a little bit more obscure one, but we’ve really enjoyed some of the content that shows up there. Good clear and simple explanations and lots of UI stuff.

Mike Ash
Mike Ash’s blog is just plain exceptional! He consistently has quality high level posts on Objective-C and general programming topics. If you are searching for in depth advanced topics, search no further!

NSHipster (Matt Thompson) has great posts on the lesser known areas of Objective-C. Oh and did I mention he is the creator of AFNetworking.

While writing some articles and looking for good conception knowledge I stumbled across this site. Here you can find some fantastic tutorial on Objective-C. Very well written stuff. .


Code School
I Found the Try iOS course and the Ruby on Rails course on Code School to be a very helpful way to get started. Very concise and well organized.  -Joe Hoffman

If you think this list is missing something useful or you have a product you would like included, let us know about it in the comment section below.


  1. Hello,

    Thank you for your amazing tuts, helpd me alot.
    A other question where do i get this amazing Terminal style?
    Could you probably send me this. Its just amazing.

    your sincerly

  2. David DelMonte says:

    Your site is great, and I completely agree with your reference list, but I also like these:

    For OS/X programming, I like the YouTube channel:


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