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iOS Programming Recipe 16: Populating A UITableView With Data From The Web

Since UITableView is so prominent in iOS apps, I felt it would be a good idea do one more useful recipe on the subject. For this Recipe we’ll be creating a UITableview complete with a detail view and a navigation controller. In addition, we’ll populate the table and the subsequent detail view with information retrieved from a web service. For this tutorial, we’ll be using the google places API to retrieve a list of restuarants in a city, display them in a tableview, and show more restaurant details in a detail view.


  • You have a grasp on Xcode Basics. If not, go get some education here.
  • I also recommend reading the other two tutorials on creating table Views as I’ll be building on some of the concepts in those tutorials.

Designing The Interface

To start off, we’re going to create a project using the Single View Application Template. Title the project “WebTableView”. On the storyboard, drag a new navigation controller into the scene. Control click from the prototype cell of the table view controller to the view controller and choose push from the segue type.
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