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  1. A tutorial on how to populate a “DetailedView” with a .plist that is on a server would be AWESOME. It would also be an excellent supplement to your existing UITableView tutorials… ๐Ÿ™‚ If youre willing to make this tutorial it would be awesome… hopefully you are ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Would love to see a CoreData tutorial!

  3. to be honest i have two requests (yeah i know ik being greedy here!()
    ill mention both even though the second one is a bit..difficult i guess
    furst one
    would like to make a table view with a detail view that the second will have an image a label and a description when someone selects a row in the first scene. All of them will be taken from a plist file

    second is would like to start developing an application regarding my forum. the forum is based on vbulletin platform. i would like to make the ap so users can go sign in from the app post and reply to threads of the forum
    thank you very much and once again great work great site!!

    • Hi Ioannis!

      Thanks for the requests. Your go check out recipes 13 and 16

      What you’re asking for is basically what I did in Recipe 16 except you’ll be pulling data from a plist instead, this was covered in Recipe 13. The difference is you’ll be loading an array with a plist instead of using AFNetworking which is much simpler. Let me know if you need help on this.

      You’re second request would require some sort of API from your forum service. Does one exists?

      • sorry for taking so long to reply but didnt get an email to inform me about your reply!!
        ill check the tuts for the first part!
        as for the second one the platform that i am using now is vbulletin for the forums so im not sure if vbulletin is giving their apis
        ill get into the tuts that u suggested on the first question of mine an dget back to you
        great job once again!

  4. Greetings Joe – thank you for sharing your knowledge. Have you any experience with using Container views? If so, would love to know how to control four view controllers, using a container for the root view. Does this make sense? Thank you in advance.

  5. If u could make try to make it music apps with play pause stop button.
    And also play all songs

  6. Javi Marmota says:

    A simple SpriteKit game would be awesome!

    • Joe Hoffman says:

      I would love to do a spriteKit game, problem is this is developer privileged until Apple makes the documentation public.

  7. Hi,

    I am waiting AFNetworking 2.x / NSURLSession. It’s too difficute to me ๐Ÿ™

  8. David DelMonte says:

    There are some tuts out there for an inline UIDatePicker, but none afaik, for an inline UIPickerView. What about a tutorial with both? Thanks!!

  9. Hey.

    I’ve been looking through your tutorials and they are extremely well written. Perfectly detailed.

    I was wondering whether you would be able to do a tutorial that operates a user log-in function.

    I’ve searched to find a decent one and its very hard. What I would like is a tutorial that shows how to create a log in screen, that checks with a web based database (PHP/JSON) and if the username and password are correct, it then loads up the app.

    Thanks for your time.

    • Joe Hoffman says:

      Hey Mark!

      Thanks for the input. I think if you take a look at the latest tutorial you may be pleasantly surprised. I don’t go through the creation of a login with the nitty gritty, but I do show how to use parse which incorporates a web backend and the signup/login controller. Recipe 32

  10. How about an iBeacon tutorial?

    • Joe Hoffman says:

      Hi Joe

      I plan on doing this in the near future, I’m first going to do a tutorial for interfacing hardware over Bluetooth Low Energy. Thanks for reading and sign up for the mailing list to get updates on this.

  11. David DelMonte says:

    Joe, I never got back to your last message – sorry – – yep inline pickers as in iOS7.

    New one: There are lots of tutorials on how to use multiple selection in a UITableView. Yet I cannot find anything on how to have the multiple selections persist over app restarts. I’ve done this before with a Core Data graph, but that’s really for a single device. I don’t think Apple’s CD for iCloud is yet ready for prime time. And anyway, I’m now using for backend services. This means that I’m looking to roll my own many-to-many relationship model, and there must be a better way. Regards, and thanks


    • Joe Hoffman says:

      HI David,

      Parse does a pretty good job about handling data. I would think you simply need to add a BOOLEAN column to your parse table to indicate selections. Maybe I”m not understanding your question completely.


  12. Justin Clarke says:

    Hi Joe!

    I am curious if y’all could do more of a advanced tutorial that shows you how to break up a lot of the work that is done in a ViewController into classes? Simply a tutorial that goes more into classes and how to build your classes to handle a lot of the work and pass simple requests to your ViewController.


  13. smartone says:

    my request a tutorial about creating an audio player and accessing your itunes library

  14. Hi Joe!
    Thanks for cook booking iOS. I’m new to iOS programming and would like to see something about file handling, exporting, importing data. Something related to CoreData or SQLite databases, e.g. importing / reading a csv file with customer data and inserting into sql-db. I try to answer myself the question which way i have to go (CoreData or SQLite). Lost in space … ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Simon Helming says:

    Thanks for the Wonderful Cook booking in iOS.
    I am very interested for SplitViewController or a way for combination of landscape and portrait. =)


    • Joe Hoffman says:

      You’re welcome!

      I’ll look into this. although they are still wonky enough that most developers seem to use two views instead.

  16. David DelMonte says:

    How about a recipe on Auto-Layout — especially as this changes a bit in 8..

  17. Hi Joe…

    Excellent job on the recipes!… AutoLayout in Xcode 6 has been a big pain point. Could you simplify it for me with a recipe?


  18. Hi All,

    What about to host any Code Contest like Techgig?

    Thanks in advance!

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